‘Flat Fix’ by Ryan E. Steadman & Ryan Wallace

Code Art Fair is pleased to announce Flat Fix, a new exhibition featuring American artists working with paint across different media. The exhibition has been organised by the Brooklyn-based artist, writer and curator, Ryan Steadman, and the New York-based multimedia artist-cum-curator, Ryan Wallace.

The advent of photography marked the end of an epoch for paint as a recording device, and the medium soon became more valued for formal qualities such as hue and texture, rather than its ability to depict reality. This led artists toward abstraction, which evolved over the 20th century in tandem with technological developments in the field of paint products. Because of this, and despite the growing accessibility and democratic nature of photography, paint remained one of the more malleable and popular artistic mediums. Alongside the advances in industrial and household paints, other materials with unique tactile properties emerged on the market, including plastic, rubber, vinyl and industrial ink, to name but a few. With painting surfaces becoming a priority for abstract painters, it was natural for them to reach for these materials to finish, enhance or improve their paintings.

By combining newer, and sometimes older, mediums with paint, the artists in this show offer the viewer not only uncommon art styles, but also apt metaphors for our current milieu, in which past and present often feel simultaneous.


Participating artists: Arnold Kemp, Beverly Semmes, Bobbi Woods, Ernesto Burgos, Graham Collins, Gina Magid, Hilary Harnischfeger, Joe Fyfe, Johannes Vanderbeek, Jon Pestoni, Joseph Hart, Kristan Kennedy, Matt Rich, Patrick Brennan, Raque Ford, Rosy Keyser, Ryan Steadman, Ryan Wallace, Tamara Gonzales, Ted Gahl.