Get a look inside Bellarækkerne

Bellakvarter, the new Copenhagen neighbourhood in the making, is taking shape and now a show flat in Bellarækkerne, is ready for visitors and potential buyers. The show flat is decorated by northmodern Brand Ambassador and design studio owner Birgit Tarp, using furniture and interior from northmodern exhibitors.

The construction of the brand new Copenhagen neighborhood, Bellakvarter has started and the very first residents will be moving in before the end of the year.


Bellakvarter will besides bridging together housing, workplaces and international conferences, also in a very near future include stores, cafés, kindergartens and parks. Bellakvarter is situated close to the protected area, Amager Fælled and is designed so that the nature can be felt in all parts of the neighborhood.


The classic Copenhagen residential district, Kartoffelrækkerne in Copenhagen’s Østerbro has been the inspiration for the Bellarækkerne townhouses, with an added sustainable twist. Between the houses there will be quiet streets for kids to play in, squares, loads of greenery and each townhouse will have its own garden with optimal sun exposure.


northmodern Brand Ambassador, and and creative consultant  Birgit Tarp from Design Circus has designed the interior of the show flat. Read more below to get Birgit Tarp’s thoughts about the interior design, mix of the designs and furniture and see photos from inside Bellarækkerne.



KimWendt-0535 spise stue

”I have combined the daylight soaked dinning room with furniture in a golden color scale, with padded chairs from Friends and Founders, bookcase from NEWWORKS, lamp from Roam, table from Please wait to be seated, kelim carpet from Massimo and unique textile art created by Anja Merete Larsen. The furniture’s earth tones give weight and balance to the entire experience of Bellarækkerne’s atmosphere, as a warm contrast to the simple and white Scandinavian decor.”




IMG_8545 X

”It has been a pleasure to decorate the very first house in Bellarækkerne in a gentle mix of International and Danish design from a selection of northmodern exhibitors. Rounded couch and chair from Paustian, coffee table from Friends and Founders, bookcase from Newworks, glass pendant from Roam and accessories from H. Skjalm P, I love my type and Ferm-living. All featured designs help emphasize the current popular violet and graphic modern expression.”



KimWendt-0300 soverværelse

”I have kept the bedroom geometrically tight in black and white, with blue and green nuances. The furniture and designs are incessantly simple in playful shapes and new materials. Textile artist, Anja Merte Larsen has decorated the curving wardrobe hangers from Friends and Founders, while I have handpicked the wardrobe furniture from Woud. The mirror and carpet are from Novel Cabinet Makers, bedside table from VIA Cph, textile headboard from Pytt-Living and the pillow and decorative ceiling-pendant are from Roomstore/Newworks.”



KimWendt-0182 kontor

”The private office in Bellarækkerne is decorated with light wood sorts that match the light floors of the house. The light tones are contrasted by the bordeaux tones in the new notice board from Please wait to be seated and the beautiful Spinal chair from Paustian. Collectively they create a balance in the otherwise primarily Nordic universe. The multifunctional desk and lighting is a part of Woud’s furniture collection.”



KimWendt-0378 b├©rnev├ªrelse

”Bellarækkerne’s highlighted children’s room is decorated with playful black wall stickers in the shape of clouds, loads of printed pillows and a carpet with a naivistic print. The daybed and poster suspension are from Ferm-Living, accessories from OyOy, while the white glass pendant is from RoomStore, which in connection with the French glass doors give the room a welcoming and bright touch.”




KimWendt-0967 indgang

”When entering the Bellarækkerne show flat you are met by an open view of the welcoming kitchen/family room and easy accessible terrace. The flat features warm golden interior and light design, which is emphasized by the light furniture frames and white surfaces. The shoe shelve is from Norrmade, geometric mirror from Novel Cabinet Makers and outdoor terrace furniture from Cane-Line.”



KimWendt-1008 ude

”The individual terraces of each of the Bellarækkerne houses are surrounded by the areas’ greenery, which later also will integrated and become part of the roofs.”



During the coming northmodern trade show, August 18th-20th, the house will be open and designer Birgit Tarp, Design Circus will be around.


Contact HOME if you are interested in a viewing.